My Little Pony

Ponytails aren’t just for horsing around.  They can be fresh and glamorous, perfect with a cocktail dress or evening gown.  I think it’s a sweet and modern style for a bridesmaid as well.

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Women have been addicted to the chignon (pronounced sheen-yon) since it first reared it’s lovely head back in the days of Ancient Greece.  Not only does it flatter everyone, it’s sophisticated, ultra feminine, and understated.  There are endless variations, from classic, clean and sober, to modern, messy and mandoo-ed.  Get your fix with this collection of hot buns.  If this doesn’t make you drunk with inspiration… you need help. (click on photos to enlarge)

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Best Hair Eva!

I want to dedicate a post to Eva Mendes and her amazing ‘dos.  Although she’s partial to her middle part and volume, she isn’t afraid to try something different.  Here are some of my favorites…

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My Frida

This is an image from a shoot I did that echos my recent Frida post.  The flowers were a gift from my friend Mary (who has a niece named Frida) and were about to expire, so I brought them along and worked them in.  I was privileged to work with my dream team,  photographer Sarah Morrison and make-up artist Danielle Walch.

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The Pompadour, once seen mostly on runways and rockabillies, has gone mainstream.  It’s tight on the sides and voluminous on top.  Whether you wear it high and mighty for a night out, or water it down for a wedding, the pompadour is fresh, flattering and fashionable.

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Frida Inspired


Artist Frida Kahlo has inspired many.  Her hair itself was a work of art.  She wore it up with braids, colorful ribbon and flowers.  I fell in love with her style, her paintings and even visited her home in Mexico City.  Here are some hairdos that are an homage to Frida.  These styles have a bohemian feel, great for a spring/summer wedding or event.

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7 Tips For A Successful Bridal Trial

1.  Keep it clean

Some believe that dirty hair is better for updos.  This can be true in some cases, but not most.  The reason being, it is difficult to achieve volume if  the hair is greasy at the root.  It is best to come either with clean, dry hair or washed the previous day.  Let your stylist dirty it with product to their liking.  If you have very fine hair, you may want to get it washed and blown out before the trial.  Just be sure to schedule time for that.  Typically, updo appointments are not booked with enough time for a blow dry.

2.  Be hair prepared

Do a little research before your trial. Cut out pictures from magazines or print images off the internet.  You will get more out of your appointment time if you go in with a good idea of what you like.

3.  Leave the entourage at home

Pick only one person to accompany you to your trial.  Choose someone you trust that has similar taste.  Too many people with too many opinions can be stressful and confusing.  You can show them pictures and get their feedback afterwards.

4.  Photo Op

Bring your camera.  Take pictures of the hairstyle from all angles and bring them the day of your wedding.  Take some photos with your phone too.  It’s good to have back up in case you forget the pictures on your big day.

5.  Bring your bling

If you are wearing a veil, flowers, or any other accessories in your hair for your wedding, bring them to the appointment.

6.  Make-up first

Come to the trial with make-up on.  Try to schedule your make-up trial right before the hair trial.  Otherwise, do your own.  It will be a lot easier to see what the hairstyle will look on the day of your wedding.

7.  Finish last

I like to have my bridal trials book my last appointment of the day.  That way, if we run over a little no one is tapping their foot in reception.  If at all possible, try not to book on a Saturday.  It can be a hectic day in some salons.

***When making your wedding day appointment, book a rehearsal dinner blow out.  This way your hair looks fabulous at the grooms dinner, and is perfectly prepped for your day of updo or style.

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