Faux Show

In the past week,  I’ve had two requests for a faux bob.  One,  a guest at a wedding.  The other,  an actress in an indie film set in the 1930’s.   Why haven’t I done more of these?! Great for the gal who’s anti updo,  but wants to show off the neckline or back of her dress.  It’s also a seamless transition style for the bride who wants multiple hairdos for her wedding.  Every long locked lady should try a faux bob, faux real.

P.S.  Here is a shot of the aforementioned wedding guest:

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Put a Ring On It

If Kate Moss and Leandra Medine invited them to their weddings, you know it’s a do.  The flower crown is ethereal and whimsical.  The antithesis of the tiara.  Make your own or peruse the many artisans on Etsy just waiting to craft your halo.

Learn how to D.I.Y. this headpiece at Green Wedding Shoes:

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Billion Dollar Baby

Last month I had the pleasure of doing Kate Walsh’s hair for the launch of her Billionaire Boyfriend fragrance at the Hotel Wilshire.  She wanted loose beach-y waves, so I used my go-to, use on everyone for everything product: PRIVE´finishing texture spray.  To replicate, coat each section before curling, and then add an overall blast at the end.  Rake your fingers through the waves and scrunch to rough it up a bit and imperfect the style.

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C Magazine/Fall 2012

I did this beautiful bride’s hair for her wedding that was featured in the latest issue of C Magazine.  I also did her hair for the rehearsal dinner that I’m including an image of.  Cinnabun on top, blue Louboutins on the bottom.  A winning combination…

Give the phenomenal photographer Gia Canali’s website a look-see.

(click on photos to enlarge)

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Hot Plait

Weave this mermaid-chic style into your hair repertoire for an effortless twist on the braid.  Whether your day calls for beach bunny or bridesmaid, interlace your strands into this side plait to unearth your inner goddess.

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More baroque than the top-knot,  yet bantam to the bee-hive, behold the cinna-bun.  I recently did this sweet style on a bride for her rehearsal dinner. Paired with a white sequin mini dress and Louboutins, the ‘do was the icing on top.  This confection works well for a more casual fete as well and is a simple DYI to save some dough.  Pull your hair into a high pony, back comb the tail, and you’re ready to roll!

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Half & Half

The half up/half down style has been the most requested ‘do by brides as of late.  The best of both worlds, here are my 2 tips for pulling off this style:

~If you’re hair is on the finer side, try some clip in extension pieces at the bottom for a fuller look.

~Volume at the crown is always flattering and gives a more formal look.  That being said, don’t go overboard on your wedding day if you’re going for a timeless look.


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